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April 3, 2007
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Dreamsquadron in Battle garb by GeneralVyse Dreamsquadron in Battle garb by GeneralVyse
The Battle garb of the commanders of the dream squadron

1: Captain Jones
Wearing an elaborate custom uniform based on contemporary cavalry uniforms, Jones bears the 5-pointed American cross of Devia. He carries an ornate dress sword, two French pistols and a rather large French carbine.

2: Captain Randal-L
Like Jones, Randal wears a custom uniform; he too bears the cross of Devia. He sports a massive 1777 pattern French musket and dress sword.

3: Captain Steampunk-girl
Steampunk – girl wears an unusual costume. Believing that she could fool opponents into believing they were merely a heavily armed merchantman, Steampunk-girl wears casual attire, perhaps even to appear as the more formidable pirates. She carries two French pistols and a plain Spanish sabre

4: Post-Captain Ross
Aside from a hefty India pattern brown bess, an NCOs’ pike, axe and dress sword, ross also sports a swarthy Spanish appearance and impressive sideburns said to captivate opponents, and on occasion send them into a stupor of perplexion. He wears the uniform of a Spanish don, decorated with the European version of the cross of devia and an elaborate Spanish royal seal.

5: Captain Squaresailor
Unusually Squaresailor wears the uniform of a captain of the Spanish ‘princes’ cavalry regiment. This smart uniform also bears a Spanish royal seal obscured by his folded arms. He carries a hefty pistol and an ornate Mameluke sword which was a very efficient fighting weapon.

6: Commodore Vyse
Vyse wears the elaborate uniform of a commodore of the royal navy, though outdated in appearance to his contemporaries he wears it as a memento of happier times. Favouring close combat to ranged fire, he carries his now ubiquitous 1796 pattern cavalry sword and an ornate dress sword. He has the emblem of a knight of the order of the garter, a European cross of Devia and a small locket featuring a miniature of a young woman, the significance of which is, as yet, unknown.

7: Commander SketchySquirrel
Sketchy wears the uniform of captain, and bears a massive 8 barrel musket, favoured by NCOs’ of line infantry; Sketchy has proved its proficiency for ship to ship combat. She also carries an ornate dress sword and the European cross of Devia.

8: Captain LeoPreston
Preston wears the uniform of a post captain, a terrifying opponent, she carries two dress swords AND a Mameluke sword, on top of this she carries two flintlock pistols, more than a match for any, even the heaviest of pirates. She too wears the cross of Devia and a badge to the royal marines.

This picture shows all of the commanders stood on the bridge of the KMS Deviation formerly a man of war from the fleet of western Devia. In the far distance is seen the dream squadron itself moored in line after the battle of OstDevia.


the original dream squadron can be found here: [link]
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Techture Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010   Digital Artist
I like it alot
Eliza-Aacher Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2008
This is very cool and incredibly detailed in both the art and information! Nice. :)
Steampunk-Girl Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2007
YAY! Now I'm a hot gurl! XD Love how you dispossed the pistols around the waist, and all the costumes look great, well done! ^^
GeneralVyse Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2007
:D thanks!!!! i really liked your character in this one - shes probably the best dressed for battle! glad you like this one too :D
Radavik Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
Nice work mate, I love the detail on the uniforms.
GeneralVyse Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
hehe thanks! there will be more!
Gekster Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
So these are the late, late 18th, to more 19th century garbs or are the..chuffs on the shoulders, something I have yet to remember how they are called, just an addition to the garb itself? Though considering some of the other pieces of cloth it could be leaning to the second mentioned.

Either way envious ^.^ there! And a lovely bunch of people, now they only need others who'll be doing what they tell them! And some ships to sail.
GeneralVyse Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
well this is set in the height of the napoleonic period - about 1807, but some, like vyse - still have very old uniforms that they wear out of nostalgia, as with any war - or era - uniforms are seldom as standardised as people like to think - there's a hell of a lot of private pucrchase - and a lot of uniforms are designed by commanding officers, so they change depending on who is in charge of them...

if you're really keen on uniforms check out cmdrejohnpauljones - hes a real buff on them! [link]
Gekster Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
Ah thought it was more 19th than 18th. Mostly as the details were somewhat more "modern" looking and because of the things on the shoulders, which were not yet used when the uniforms were first begining to be used, atleast not with the british naval uniforms.

Might you know when the french started using their first uniforms? Was it later than the british and if so, when about?

And aye I've read that the uniforms (especially when they were still in the first stages of starting to be used but also happened at a later time) were with some ships quite a different thing to behold. (could be same for the infantry and such :) ) Different aswell were the colors and materials used which were due either to being the sturdiest and the least fading (for colour) or cheaper :) or all of the above.

Thank you greatly for the link, I shall head to check it out.
GeneralVyse Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2007
yeah well all the uniforms are true to the period, as are the weapons and insignia (than god for jones and text books)

as for the french - which uniforms? they were wearing standardised uniforms from about the time of louis the 14th (musketeer uniforms) similarly the first british uniforms came from cromwell's model army in the english civil war...

and yeah jonesy knows all!!!!!
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